10 Best Foods to Have in Summer

Finally, after shivering cold waves, summer have arrived with lots of fresh food abounds. Now, if you have not started healthy food diet, then you need to start it now. It’s time to sweat it out and lose the fat that you have gained in winter. If you already have started a workout routine, then you have to complete your hard work by eating the right food.

Do you know that summer fruits and vegetables are rich in many nutrients that are good for health and moreover you have many options to choose from? Before I tell you about healthy food choices in summer, let me tell you one thing, why you need to eat healthy or seasonal food.

The Need of Eating Seasonal Food

Seasonal foods are the best to have in the diet. Even many health experts often say that having foods in your diet that are grown in the same times of the year when you eat them are good and beneficial for health. As we all know that summer mean heat and sweat. This could lead to dehydration or lack of vitamins and minerals. Our body loses a great amount of water in form of sweat if keep moving it. Eating seasonal foods that are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and have a great amount of water content in them carries great health benefits. Here are some healthy foods to have in summer:

Coconut Water

A hard shell stores a great amount health benefits in form of water. Yes, coconut water has great cooling properties. Loaded with natural sugars, minerals, electrolytes that help to keep your body hydrated during summer. Moreover, coconut water has anti-ageing and cancer-fighting properties. So start having it today.

Coconut Water


Creamy, thick and delicious, curd has many health benefits. It is the perfect cool drink to have in summer. You can add some water to make it chilled buttermilk with sugar or spicy. To add some more flavors, add some fruits to make it lip-smacking smoothie or dessert.



Mint is cool and easily available. Even you can grow it in your kitchen garden or in small pots. This is great herb which you can add in curd or make some green sauces for dips. Even you can add it to your cocktail. Mint will give you cool and refreshing taste.

Mint Water Lime


This vegetable is tasty, crunchy and perfect to have in your sandwiches or salads. Cucumber is full of fibre and keeps constipation far away. Start having cucumber in your diet on daily basis and keep yourself cool and hydrated.

Cucumber salad


Melons have 90 percent of water content. The juicy and sweet flavor of melons will make your day. Start having lots of melons in your diet and stay hydrated.



Green Veggies

No doubt, green veggies are available round the year but having them in summers are good for health because they have a high content of water. When you cook them, make sure you don’t overcook otherwise they will lose their water content.

Fresh Vegetables Salad Veggies Food

Lime water

Lemons have a zitty and tangy taste but they are good to have in summer. Drink simple lime water or you can have lemon juice in your salads. They are a rich source of Vitamin C. You can make sweet or salty lemonade. Add some mint leaves and beat the heat with this chilled drink.

Lime water drink detox


This fruity watermelon is another food that keeps you cool. Only buy uncut watermelon and cool it. This fruit has lots of antioxidants and delicious taste. You can make watermelon squash at home and enjoy its delicious drink at home.



Although most of the people avoid eating onions in their diet they have an amazing cooling effect. You can have onions in your salads, curries or even in your sandwiches and keep your body cool. Red onions have a great amount of quercetin that acts as natural anti-allergen and also protect you against sunstroke.

onion slice

Ice creams

Summer is incomplete without ice creams. Ice-cream can be eaten any time of the day. You can add some fresh fruits such grapes, blueberry etc to make your ice cream more exciting. Relish your taste buds with chilled ice-crème of your favourite flavour. Make your summer more happening with tasty and sweet ice cream.

Ice Cream

Live healthy; eat healthy, because health is the greatest wealth.