8 Best Exercises to Shape Up Your Body in Summer

Living a healthy life is not only about eating healthy foods. It is also about doing the workout. In today’s world, everyone wants to look their best. If you are one of those who wants to shape of their body so that they can look fabulous, then here are some exercises that help you in building muscles and toning your body.

Legs – Squat

Legs – SquatNo matter what your aim is, the squat is one of the best exercises for those who want to lose weight or gain muscles. It is important to do this exercise properly to get the best results. This exercise will target hips and buttocks, thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps femoris muscle. It will also strengthen the ligaments, bones, and insertion of the tendons of the lower body.

To start with, stand on your feet with shoulder width apart. Keep your shoulder back down ears and extend your arms straight with palms facing down. Slowly go down by bending your knees and sending hips backward. While doing this, keep your chest, shoulders stay upright with a straight back. Keep your body weight on the heel while going back start position. Do 3 set or 10-15 repetitions.

Chest – Bench Press

This full body exercise will work your triceps, shoulders, and chest. You will gain upper body strength by doing this exercise. This will help you to gain muscles mass and you will be able to lift more weight. To do this exercise, you need to lie down on a flat bench. First, compress your shoulder blades and then raise your chest and tighten your upper back. Keep your feet rest on the ground with shoulder width apart. Now straighten your arm and lift the weight and slowly lower the bar on towards your chest. (Remember; do not try to touch the bar with your chest). Just hold for seconds and lift the bar again and go back to start position. Repeat.

Chest - Bench Press

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Back – Barbell Row

This exercise incorporates the rhomboids, lats, traps, rear delts, and biceps. It will help you to make your back strong and in good shape. To make a start position, hold a barbell with palms facing down. Keep your knees bend while keeping your torso forward. Also, keep your head up. While lifting the barbell, breathe out. Use the forearms to grasp the barbell weight. While inhaling, go back to start position. Repeat.

Back - Barbell Row

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Lower Back – Hyperextension/Deadlift

Lower Back - Hyperextension & Deadlift.jpgDeadlift is one of the best exercises to build your core strength. This exercise will target your glutes, central body muscles, lower back and abdominal area. It is the key movement of building core strength. To do this, stand on your feet with shoulder width apart by lowering your back in a natural position. On the top of your shoulders, hold the barbell and slowly bend your body. When you torso level with the floor, go back to start position and repeat.

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Triceps – Dips

Triceps – DipsHow we could forget the toning of triceps muscles. To build the muscles of your backside of the upper arm that go from shoulders to elbow, you don’t need any equipment, Triceps dips are enough. To do triceps dips, first put your hand on table or chair with shoulder width apart while sliding your butt off with your legs extended. Keep your elbows bend a little with straight arms. Lower down your body by slowly bending your elbow around 90 degrees. Press down and then come back start position. Move your shoulder down when you raise or lower your body.



Chin-UpThis strength training exercise will help you to build the strength of biceps and latissimus dorsi muscles. All you need to hold the bar with both of your hands with shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows at 45-degree angle. Raise your chest while keeping your shoulders back. Keep head up and lower back in neutral position. Bend your knees while lifting your feet off the ground. Chin up until your chin reach above the bar.  Go back to start position and repeat.


Calf Press

Calf PressTo improve the strength of gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, calf press exercise is best to include in your workout routine. It will also improve the appearance of your lower leg. To do this, while sitting on the machine, place your toes on the lower portion. Under the lever pad, keep your lower thigh and put your hands on the lever top. Lift the lever by pushing your heels slightly and then release the safety bar, Slowly lower down your heels and move back to start position. Repeat.


Cable Crunches

Cable CrunchesCable crunches are a best abdominal exercise that helps to build the abs. Start with go down on your knees below a high pulley with a rope attachment. Grab the cable rope and lower it until your hands come next to your face. This is your starting position. Flex your waist and keep your hips stationary and exhale while you do this movement. Slowly come back to start position and repeat.

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Finally, doing all these exercises will ensure you healthy and fit body that you can proud of. Include these exercises in your workout routine and start doing them today. Because, the earlier you start, the fast your get the results.