Best Moves for Full-Body Workout for Lean Body

Hey, Fellas! Summer is here and it’s time to shape up your body. In summers, in order to become active and healthy, it is important to keep moving your body. This is important for every human if he really wants to live an active life.
When heat surrounds you and you sweat more while doing some moves, then you can expect great results. No doubt, you want to show your bikini body or abs when enjoying on the beach, then to keep your body in shape, here are some great moves for full body workout.


Lunges WorkoutAfter warming up your body by doing some running, jogging or skipping, let’s start with lunges. This exercise will develop your leg muscles. To start with, stand straight with your feet apart. Take a large step forward with your right foot. Slowly bend your knee to 90-degree angle while the left knee at your back shouldtouch the ground. Slowly move up to start position then repeat on the left side. Lunges help to increase the blood flow to the heart and make it work harder. This exercise is good for a cardiovascular routine to prevent varicose veins. DO 10 to 20 repetitions on daily basis on each side.

Cow and Cat

cat-cow-stretchesYou have seen cow and cat doing many moves. Taking inspiration from their moves, Yoga has formed a great cow and cat move that will put you at relief, if you have lower back pain. To do this move, Get down on your knees and hands and arch you back in a U shape just like swayback of cow and do the reverse while forming a hump like a cat. Do 3 set of 10 repetitions on daily basis.


The Plank

Plank is one of the easiest exercises that will strengthen your core muscles and support your spine. Doing this on daily basis will give your rock hard abs. Just lie down your stomach on a flat surface and then rise your body slowly onto your toes while keeping the body straight. Hold it for 30 to 45 second and the lower back your down. Start doing this with 2 set of 10 in your daily routine.

Plank Exercises


Crosses exercise is best for toning up your arms, shoulders, and wrists. Stand up straight and keep your arms straight to the side. Then bend your hand on your back and move your arms. Hold for few seconds and then move back to start position by keeping your arms backline with your torso. There is a feeling of the tension in your arms, shoulders, and wrists. Do this one or two set of 10 repetitions.

Crosses exercise Bent-over Rows

Bent over RowsNest best move to shape up your arms, midback, the shoulder is bent over rows. You need to hold 2-5 pounds of weight in your one hand and hold it near your thigh by placing your other hand on the chair seat and then lean forward by slightly bending your knees. Lift the weight toward your armpit by bending your elbow. This exercising will stimulating vertebral bone cell growth and helps fight osteoporosis-related bone-density loss. Do one or two sets of 10 on each side.

Single-Arm Kettle Bell Snatch

single arm- kettlebell snatchKettlebell exercise is simple to do. Just hold a Kettlebell in one hand with an overhand grip on the left side of the handle. Now keep the bell in front of your thighs. Keep your feet width apart while pointing your left arm straight in from of you. Swing the bell with your one hand in between your legs slightly bending your knees. After this, widen your hips in order to swing the bell forward and up. Also rotate the bell around with your wrist. Do 3-5 sets of 30 reps.

The Chop

The ChopThis exercise helps to make your abs tight. Stand straight sideways and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the weighted ball at forehead level with 90 degrees bent arms and slightly bent your knees. Hurl the bowl behind down to the right behind and rotate your body as you rotate while doing lunges. Keep your arms straight to your and while moving them outside your left knee. Do the same on the other side.  Do 2 set of 15 repetitions on each side.


Full Bridge

Full Bridge ExerciseThis pose will not just stretch your body but also help to tone your muscles of all body parts. Lie down on the floor on your back with flat feet hip-width apart. Bend your arms and move your hands behind your shoulders on the ground. Slowly lift your body up by pressing your arms and legs and arching your back. Hold for few second and slowly get back to start position. Try up to 3 sets of 5 reps.

Include these amazing moves you daily routine to get the best results. Start now.