How to Download Facebook Videos For Free

Let’s admit it that we are addicted to Facebook and often save videos that we might find interesting on Facebook. But there are times when your internet connection is slow and you are unable to save the video or you might afraid that video will be no more available before you download it. You want to transfer the video to your phone or computer. For this, you need to download the video from Facebook.

Here are the steps to download the videos from Facebook:

  1. Identify the Video Host

Before you download any video, check whether the video is hosted by Facebook or not. On Facebook, one can link videos from different sites and host them directly on Facebook. To check the hosting of the video, you can check the title or underneath the preview of the video. In case you don’t find any host, then the video is posted on Facebook.

In case the video is posted on another site like Youtube then you can download it by clicking right on the video link. A menu will appear and from there copy the link address. When the video is loaded, copy the URL that you saw in your browser’s address bar.

  1. Download video you posted on your timeline

If you want to download the video previously uploaded, you can download the video by following below given steps:

Video options

  • Open Facebook and go to the video in your “photos” section.
  • Open it in Facebook tab.
  • Then click on the Options link under the video.
  • In that option, you will see one or two download options such as Download HD and Download SD. If that video was recorded in (SD) standard definition, only Download SD will be available to select if also in (HD) high definition then the same option will also be available. Select the preferred download option and go for it.


3. Downloading the video a friend or family member posted

If you want to download the video posted by your friend, family members, and others, follow below given steps:

  • Log in to Facebook and go to the video you want to download.
  • Right-click on the video and select Show video URL.
  • A small pop-up window should appear, with the video URL just copy that (Ctrl+C).
  • Open browser’s address bar and paste (Ctrl+V) the video URL
  • Now modify the video URL, replace “www” at the beginning of the URL with “m”. The URL should then start with
  • Once URL changed, press Enter to open the video and click on play button.
  • Right-click on the video and select the Save video as option.
  • Choose a location on your computer where you want to save the video.

Apart from above mentioned steps, there are much more Facebook Video Downloader available as mentioned below:


Finally, to enjoy Facebook videos, you need to follow above-mentioned ways. Enjoy your videos anytime, anywhere, download Facebook videos now.