Peculiar Habits That Makes you Smarter

No one can measure your intelligence but do you know that there are many peculiar ways to problem-solving, higher levels of learning, and creativity. Let’s talk about some peculiar habits that show that you are smarter than others.

Being Messy is Being Creative

MessyIt is hard to define intelligence but in reality, intelligence is all about learning from your experience, understand, adapt and manage new situations and to use knowledge to influence the environment.  These abilities are further facilitated by various skills such as memory, learning, problem solving and reasoning. There are many habits that prove, you have got these skills. It is said that people who live in a messy setting come up with more creative ideas that those who live in clean space. Creativity creates messiness and people with messiness focus more on solving the problem and thus they give less importance to cleanliness.

Staying Up Late

Stay Late

You have seen in many movies that people who are creative often work late at night by candlelight. It has shown in a study conducted by London School of Economics and Political Science that people who stay late at night have higher IQs. It is said that people who were up late at night solve more problems as they don’t get distracted. In case, you are a night owl, you still need 7-8 hours of sleep.



Most of the people think that those who swear have low intelligence or education but according to Timothy Jay, Ph.D., and colleagues, people who swear a lot have a larger vocabulary. The fluency of swear word is related to overall verbal fluency in a positive way. Smart people know more curses and swearing is part of emotional intelligence that shows that how people use these words.

Taking Cold Showers

cold showers

Many people take cold showers or do swimming in cold water. Actually, it is said that taking cold showers give your body a jolt of energy. Although there is not so much information available on this but in Finland where swimming in cold water is common and it is considered that taking cold showers reduce fatigue and tension. It will also lead to improvement in mood or memory and also boost the function and productivity of the brain.  So, if you are taking cold showers that this habit may offer your brain a burst of energy every day.

You Hate Chewing Sound

chewing sounds

There are many people who don’t like the sound of chewing and often feel irritated if someone chews louder. If you have this habit and often feel annoyed with a loud chewer then you are a smart person.  Northwestern University has conducted a study and found that people who have creative cognition are unable to filter out inappropriate sensory information. Such people leak sensory gating that helps people to incorporate ideas that lead to creativity in the real world.



Smart people have a habit of doodling. If you doodle then you are intelligent too. Doodling is a thinking tool that affects the process of problem solving and information. According to a study conducted in the U.K. states that people who doodle become able to recall 29% of the information. It benefits the memory and helps the brain to express the emotions and concepts. If you doodle then you are smart.

You criticize yourself

criticize yourself

We consider intelligent people as confident. But according to many researchers, this is not might be the case. Scientists have found that people who are incompetent, they could not identify their own incompetence and this lead to self-assessments. It is also found that competent people underestimate their abilities. When smart people don’t know something then they know they can get knowledge that is lying out there. They don’t become over confident but become self-critical.

Daydream is good

day dream

Although, it is said that wandering of mind put a negative effect on the brain performance. But new research proves it wrong.  It has seen that when given demanding tasks are given to those who take a break from the undemanding task, they perform better at the given task. Daydreaming allows the brain to wander when doing the mindless task as it will boost creativity and problem-solving. So, if you have a habit of daydreaming, you may have higher problem-solving and creative skills.

You talk to yourself

Talk Yourself

People who talk to themselves often seem as crazy, however in reality; it is the sign of memory, high thinking and perception skills. The University of Wisconsin and the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study in which participants were asked to remember and find objects. With same names of the objects, they were better able to remember the items list. When calling out the names of familiar objects, visual properties activated in the brain and help to find them.

Finally, If you have any peculiar habit, take advantage of that and use it for your own benefit. Be smart, be unique and show your talent to the world.