How to Take care of your hair in Monsoon

Let’s admit it, we all love rain. When the monsoon comes, it gives life to everything. There is greenery all around. People love to take rain showers. However, monsoon also causes damage to hair due to excessive humidity. But not to worry, here are some ways to take care of your hair in the rainy season.

Keep Your Hair Dry

Dry Hair

While your heart urges to go out and enjoy the rain but rain water is acidic and dirty that is not good for your hair. It is always recommended to keep your hair dry even if you are enjoying the rain. Wear waterproof caps or cover your hair with something that doesn’t let your hair wet in the rain even if you are enjoying the cool showers.

Shampoo Twice a Week

shampoo your hair

If your hair is got wet in the rain, then wash your hair with deep cleansing shampoo. Doing this will wash away any residue that is left on your scalp by rain water. Maybe you have frizzy hair but using a good shampoo keep your hair nourished for a long time and also nourish your tresses and thus prevent fungal or bacterial infections. Always apply shampoo from roots to tips of your hair.

Oil your Hair

hair oil

A good hair oil massage is always beneficial for your hair in every season. It will boost the moisture level in your hair and revitalizes dry strands. Oil massage also provides deep conditioning.  Do not use too much oil, otherwise, you find it difficult t o wash it away. Use coconut oil, olive oil, etc. and keep your hair nourished in monsoon.

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Say “No” to hair styling

hair style

No doubt, hair styling can give a great look but in monsoon, it can damage your hair. Even if you are tying your hair tight in monsoon then you are making a mistake, because monsoon water can make your more limp and frizzy. Try to make a loose bun or loose ponytail, if you really want to protect your hair then avoid hair styling and keep your hair short and trimmed so that you can easily maintain them during the monsoon.


Avoid tying of hair

hair tying

When monsoon comes, the chances are less that your hair becomes dry fast after a bath. This is due to the weather condition. As sunlight is not visible so your hair will take the time to get dry. Most of the people have a habit of tying wet hair then stop doing so otherwise, it will break your hair. Keep your hair open and let it dry naturally.

Apply hair conditioner

Hair conditioner

During monsoons, there is a chance that your hair gets damaged due to the weather condition. Even the hair is backed with unnecessarily frizz. The only thing that can make your hair look attractive is the use of conditioner. You can easily get many conditioners in the market. You must go for the brand that goes with your hair type and applies it all over your hair. This needs to be applied once you have cleaned your hair with shampoo. Your hair will become soft, shiny and healthy.

Healthy Diet


Hair needs nourishment. Oil, Shampoo gives you outside care but what about inside care of your hair. For that, you need to have a healthy diet. The right diet is essential. Your diet must include a good amount of good amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals in order to strengthen your hair. For this, it will be important to have a good amount of food rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat food such as Omega 3 fatty acid, salmon, spinach, curd, nuts etc.

Manageable Hair Cut

hair cut

Long hair needs more care and time. If you are finding it difficult to manage your long hair then cut your hair short. Cut it to the length that makes it easy for you to manage your hair. There will be less hair fall.


Buy Waterproof Jackets with Hoodie

Jackets with Hoodie

Whenever you step out to make certain you have a water evidence jacket with a hoodie at the side of you even in case you sense it is not going to rain. The water resistant raincoats and jackets help you live dry. You can also check out a few colorful umbrellas to expose off your dress and experience the chilly rainy weather all of your way.


Explore Natural Options

Natural Shampoo

There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners you may whip up by using the usage of things mendacity around in your kitchen. By the use of home remedies for hair care, you may minimize the risk of any irritation or reactions caused by chemicals in synthesized merchandise.

Pick The Right Comb


A wide tooth comb is your best bet in the rains. Not only does it help in detangling your tresses but it also serves as a good conditioning comb.


To wrap up, if you follow these steps, you can easily manage your hair in any season.  Try to use natural products for your hair and make them smooth and shiny.